Funny Parenting Charts @ Baby Moo’s

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Our geeky side clearly got the best of us recently & we put together some charts & graphs on parenting to give you a giggle!

Co-sleeping, before you actually experience it you were probably full of thoughts of a blissful nights sleep full of cosy cuddles, think again!

Funny baby meme bar chart about co-sleeping


Toys, toys!? Why on earth would baby want to play with those, your facial features & that plug socket behind the TV are much, much more appealing…

Funny Baby Pie chart about toys


Lunchtime with a toddler is always a task, you may have cut their sandwiches in triangles like they asked but actually  they wanted squares, how could you do it wrong again?

Funny toddler pie chart about tantrums


In a rush? running late? Get used to it because that one shoe apparently grows legs & moves itself every time it’s taken off!

Funny Toddler Pie Chart


11 things you never expected to say as a parent

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Things you never expected to say as a parent, parenting quotes

The following funny parenting quotes have been submitted by our fantastic Facebook community 


1. “That’s a tampon, not a sweet!!” (Melissa A)

2.  “We do not beat up our siblings with beef jerky, or any other food for that matter” (Robyn H)

3. “What do you mean your bum’s hungry??” (Anne-Marie K)

4. To my daughter:” stop touching your poop!” To my son: “get your hand out of the toilet!” (Brie’Anna C)

5. “Don’t lick your baby sister she’s not an ice cream” (Kaitlin G)

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6.”Catch that puke” (Simone G)

7. “You don’t need to wear a sanitary towel” (Laura T)

8. “Why have you filled up everyone’s shoes with water?” (Anna K)

9. “Please don’t put your willy in the vent” (Katy M)

10. “Please stop riding the dog” (Ashlee M)

11. “That is what happens when you poke your sisters bum” (Nicola S)

What have you said which you never expected to? Let us know in the comments section below


11 Hilarious Kids Statements

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  • Can you be quiet please, I’m trying to play with my subconscious up here said by my 5 year old son (Fiona G)
  • I can’t wear trousers with a zip because the zip looks at me (Anna K)
  • Mummy, I imagine that when I eat the food uses my throat as a slide, then when it gets to my tummy they all sit and watch the cinema and watch the movie about me eating inside my tummy, then when I poop that’s just the food parachuting back out again, and when I have a bad tummy that’s just the poop wanting to parachute super quick! (Lisa H)
  • When I grow up, I want to be a circus. A clown circus so I can throw pie in the clowns face (Nikita-Jane C)
  • My son was reading the care label in his jumper ….. stay away from fire and naked females (Kate L)



  • Mummy why does my willy make water ? (Nioami W)
  • Mummy? You know Cornwall? Well does it have toilets? (Jo Mc)
  • Oh my god, turkey is a bird? Mam you can’t make me eat a bird for tea……I’ll have chicken instead (Danielle R)
  • My then 3 year old son was dawdling along and I told him to pick up the pace, He stopped dead in his tracks, started looking high and low and said ‘I can’t find it (Clare K)
  • My then 3 year old was talking to me when I was showering while heavily pregnant,  She pointed to my pubic hair and asked “Is that the baby’s hair? (Jo P)
  • Mummmmm … you said you’d make me crumpets. I know I shouldn’t be doing this to you on your birthday. But just because it’s your birthday, that doesn’t mean you get all the glory, does it? I still have needs. And one of those needs is CRUMPETS! (Laureyn B)

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21 of the funniest toddler tantrums of all time

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Baby Toddler Funniest Tantrums -Memes

Our top pick of toddler tantrum reasons shared with us by our Facebook fans….

1. He had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him use his genitalia to work the iPad – Monique C

2.  Once had a 2 hour tantrum because I wouldn’t let her get a real tattoo.. Not a temporary tattoo – Natasha H

3.  Because I wouldn’t make her eyes blue like mine  – Mhairi W

4. Because the grass was looking at her – Donna S

5. Because I told him not to put his willy in the computer vent – Cayley K

6. Screaming because she couldn’t find her shadow! – Chloe M 

7. One of mines once had a tantrum because they wanted a bath…. while they were already IN the bath. – Maria M 

8.  Because her juice dripped onto her finger – Tara B

9. Because the wind blew – Kathryn F 

10. Because no matter how hard he flapped his arms he couldn’t fly home – Leanne S

11. Not being able to get the freckles off of mummy! – Leslie M

12. He couldn’t get inside the washing machine – Terri-Anne W

13. She had a tantrum because she wanted a bath but didn’t want to get wet – Katy N

14.  A tantrum because she wanted to eat the ice lolly but I wasn’t allowed to take the wrapper off of it! – Sam H 

15. Yesterday’s tantrum consisted of public displays of aggression, screaming, throwing himself onto the concrete because I wouldn’t let him hug a lamp post for any longer than 5 minutes! – Katie R

16. Because my neck wasn’t cold enough – Helen S

17. A tantrum because I sneezed in his proximity – Kerry M

18. Crying because his shadow left when he was in the shade 🙊 – Amy M

19. I wouldn’t give him his red toy car…the red toy can he had in his left hand! – Natasha H

 20. Because no matter how hard he tried none of the cats would let him ride them – Cayley K

21. Because he finished his yoghurt – Nioami C

We’d love to hear about any funny toddler tantrums you’ve endured, let us know in the comments section! 

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5 Rules of Toddlerhood

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Rules of toddlerhood #1…

Insist on wearing sandals all winter & welly boots ALL summer!
– Yep toddlers can be…. how can we say this, umm, interesting! 😉

Funny Toddler Quote - Funny Parenting Quote

Rules of toddlerhood #2…

That sandwich that they’ve been oh so very hungry for all morning, well they might’ve liked their sandwich cut in triangles at the weekend, but that was then, how very dare you cut them in triangles today! cut the sandwich in squares? well that is wrong too!

Funny Parenting Quote, Toddlerhood


Rules of toddlerhood #3…

Need a wee, think you might get 30 seconds peace? think again… that cute toddler face will appear at the door any second!

Funny Toddler Quotes

Rules of toddlerhood #4…

How things change no doubt in another 12 years they’ll be refusing to get out of bed & we bet you now a adult would jump at the chance of a nap now, wouldn’t you?


Rules of toddlerhood #5…

As a toddler once you’re steady on your feet, we understand this is a great past-time, usually done naked & at super fast speeds particularly if you hear mum or dad say you’re going to be late, what’s that, a t-shirt? GO, RUN!