Funny Parenting Charts @ Baby Moo’s

Our geeky side clearly got the best of us recently & we put together some charts & graphs on parenting to give you a giggle!

Co-sleeping, before you actually experience it you were probably full of thoughts of a blissful nights sleep full of cosy cuddles, think again!

Funny baby meme bar chart about co-sleeping


Toys, toys!? Why on earth would baby want to play with those, your facial features & that plug socket behind the TV are much, much more appealing…

Funny Baby Pie chart about toys


Lunchtime with a toddler is always a task, you may have cut their sandwiches in triangles like they asked but actually  they wanted squares, how could you do it wrong again?

Funny toddler pie chart about tantrums


In a rush? running late? Get used to it because that one shoe apparently grows legs & moves itself every time it’s taken off!

Funny Toddler Pie Chart


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