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Hello you lovely lot!

There is only so much raving & arm waving we can do about our own stuff so we’d love you to get involved too.
Simply leave us a completely honest product review on the webpage of the item/s you have previously ordered & we’ll send you an email gift voucher for £5 for your first product review & an additional £1 for every review after that.

Do I have to leave a 5 star or positive review?
Absolutely not, simply leave your honest thoughts.


You must use the email address you used for the original website order (don’t worry it’s only us that will see your email address, they are never published) that way we can find your email address to send your gift voucher,  you must be a previous customer via our website & have ordered the items you have left review/s for.
Please leave up to 5 business days to receive your voucher.

Duplicated reviews of same item from same person will be disregarded.
This only applies to website orders, we cannot offer this to orders placed via Amazon or Etsy.

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