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How’re you doing?
Thanks for coming to learn a little about the MOO CREW!
(I’ll warn you that is not the end of the cow puns! :))

I’m Anna-Lee; the director, founder, owner and main designer at Baby Moo’s

When I was pregnant with my son, I already had a feel for his personality; how often he’d sleep and what kind of things made him lively. He came along in June 2010 and of course, my life has been totally different ever since. I’d grown tired of looking for specific baby clothes that stood out from the insipid blues and pinks.

Well, she who dairies wins and where I could see that some brands were whey ahead with funky baby designs, I curd not bear the idea of paying such crazy prices to buy them. Particularly I found cow-print stuff moo-vellous, but was lact-ing the funds to keep ordering clothes with kudos for him.

However, once really cool clothes have past-eur-ise nothing else really celebrates the little person inside. So I set up my website first importing and later designing funky baby clothes. My designs are all about letting their cheeky, cute, funny side shine through and showing some attitude through what they wear.

If you think about it, babies have a unique set of clothes, such as bibs and baby grows, which no other humans can legitimately get away with, so I thought “I could have some fun with that!” The world worships all in ones and babies are often wearing them anyway, so I decided to add some character to baby grows by using bold prints and playful fabrics. I now trade internationally and am delighted to imagine tiny people all over the world getting their character across through my designs.

As my own little ones have grown into slightly bigger ones, so Baby Moo’s has expanded to acco-moo-date their needs. We’ve launched a moo-tastic toddler range now too; including rockin’ slogan t-shirts, a herd of great toddler hoodies and much more.

It’s about time I stopped with the cheesy puns, so here’s three fun facts about Me:

Favourite band/s?
The Prodigy, Crass, David Bowie

Favourite genre/s?
Punk, Rock & Hip Hop 

Favourite gig?
Too hard… Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life doing Crass or Leftfield & Roni Size at Arcadia in Bristol.

1st album you owned?
Michael Jackson – Dangerous

Baby Moo’s Founder & Director – Anna-lee Kewley

Anna-lee Kewley

Since things have got busier and the business has grown, Tasha works with us on some of the garment printing & video processes.

Favourite band/s?
Jungle, Tame Impala & Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favourite genre/s?

Favourite gig?
Jungle at Brixton Academy

1st album you owned?
Kanye West – Late Registration

Tasha Baby Moo's Clothes

Rhys is the newest member of the Moo crew & supports Tasha with garment printing part time.

Rhys Baby Moo's










Last but by no means least, siblings Amelia & Alexander all the way in Belgium, with the help of they’re beautifully talented mum Shauni, they help with our photos, you’ll spot them all over the website!

Amelia AB/CD Hoodie KidsLeopard Print Baby Sleepsuit Animal Print Snow Leopard Outfit











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