11 things you never expected to say as a parent

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Things you never expected to say as a parent, parenting quotes

The following funny parenting quotes have been submitted by our fantastic Facebook community 


1. “That’s a tampon, not a sweet!!” (Melissa A)

2.  “We do not beat up our siblings with beef jerky, or any other food for that matter” (Robyn H)

3. “What do you mean your bum’s hungry??” (Anne-Marie K)

4. To my daughter:” stop touching your poop!” To my son: “get your hand out of the toilet!” (Brie’Anna C)

5. “Don’t lick your baby sister she’s not an ice cream” (Kaitlin G)

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6.”Catch that puke” (Simone G)

7. “You don’t need to wear a sanitary towel” (Laura T)

8. “Why have you filled up everyone’s shoes with water?” (Anna K)

9. “Please don’t put your willy in the vent” (Katy M)

10. “Please stop riding the dog” (Ashlee M)

11. “That is what happens when you poke your sisters bum” (Nicola S)

What have you said which you never expected to? Let us know in the comments section below


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