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Funny Parenting Charts @ Baby Moo’s

Our geeky side clearly got the best of us recently & we put together some charts & graphs on parenting to give you a giggle! Co-sleeping, before you actually experience it you were probably full of thoughts of a blissful nights sleep full of cosy cuddles, think again!   Toys, toys!? Why on earth would […]

11 things you never expected to say as a parent

Things you never expected to say as a parent The following funny parenting quotes have been submitted by our fantastic Facebook community  1. “That’s a tampon, not a sweet!!” (Melissa A) 2.  “We do not beat up our siblings with beef jerky, or any other food for that matter” (Robyn H) 3. “What do you […]

21 of the funniest toddler tantrums of all time

Our top pick of toddler tantrum reasons shared with us by our Facebook fans…. 1. He had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him use his genitalia to work the iPad – Monique C 2.  Once had a 2 hour tantrum because I wouldn’t let her get a real tattoo.. Not a temporary tattoo – Natasha […]

5 Rules of Toddlerhood

Rules of toddlerhood #1… Insist on wearing sandals all winter & welly boots ALL summer! – Yep toddlers can be…. how can we say this, umm, interesting! 😉 Rules of toddlerhood #2… That sandwich that they’ve been oh so very hungry for all morning, well they might’ve liked their sandwich cut in triangles at the […]

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