Why we no longer have phone service.

Please don’t take this as a lack of interest or unwillingness to help, when we moved into the shop we found we were fending off cold calls from sales people roughly every 15-20 minutes (yes really!)despite the number being advertised strictly for customer use, to deal with this our options were to employ a member of staff to just answer (sales) calls all day & be forced to have to raise our prices to cover increased staff costs or to remove our phone line & deal with genuine customer queries by face to face & email, we’ve found this successful & as such have removed our phone line for the foreseeable future, be assured that emails are checked regularly throughout the day Monday through til Friday & you should expect a swift reply, if you don’t see a quick reply please remember to check your spam folder, still no reply? drop us another email incase you made a typo in your original email which saw our reply undelivered.

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