Baby Clothes With Ears UK

Let’s face it there is barely anything cuter than baby clothes with ears, here’s a round up of our irresistible baby clothes with ears, let’s hear you all coo now! N’awww. Incase you hadn’t noticed we’re all about the MOO here at Baby Moo’s, so how could we not have a adorable cow baby outfit […]

Elf On The Shelf Letter / Printable Arrival Poem

Elf On The Shelf Letter / Printable Arrival Poem Looking for a Elf on the shelf letter or poem? Well we here at Baby Moo’s have been getting in the festive spirit & have lovingly designed you fabulous lot a fun & friendly Elf on the shelf poem to download & print today, start making […]

Black Baby Clothes

Black baby clothes Oh so practical! Here is our selection available, well right here… Why do we think black kids clothes are so fab? well where shall we start!? Black kids clothing won’t show the inevitable stains, it’s unarguably unisex, black baby clothes are perfect for baby boys & girls alike, flatters almost every complexion from […]

Funny Parenting Charts @ Baby Moo’s

Funny Parenting Charts @ Baby Moo’s Our geeky side clearly got the best of us recently & we put together some charts & graphs on parenting to give you a giggle! Co-sleeping, before you actually experience it you were probably full of thoughts of a blissful nights sleep full of cosy cuddles, think again!   […]

Baby Moo’s Phone Number

Why we no longer have phone service. Please don’t take this as a lack of interest or unwillingness to help, when we moved into the shop we found we were fending off cold calls from sales people roughly every 15-20 minutes (yes really!)despite the number being advertised strictly for customer use, to deal with this […]

Children’s Clothes Shop Bournemouth

Children’s Clothes Shop Bournemouth EDIT: 22nd March 2017 – After 17 months we’ve taken the decision to close the shop front to passing trade as such from 27th March 2017 we will close our doors continuing to work from our Southbourne premises concentrating on our fabulously awesome online customers, if needed you’re still welcome to […]

11 things you never expected to say as a parent

Things you never expected to say as a parent The following funny parenting quotes have been submitted by our fantastic Facebook community  1. “That’s a tampon, not a sweet!!” (Melissa A) 2.  “We do not beat up our siblings with beef jerky, or any other food for that matter” (Robyn H) 3. “What do you […]

11 Hilarious Kids Statements

11 Hilarious Kids Statements Can you be quiet please, I’m trying to play with my subconscious up here said by my 5 year old son (Fiona G) I can’t wear trousers with a zip because the zip looks at me (Anna K) Mummy, I imagine that when I eat the food uses my throat as a […]

21 of the funniest toddler tantrums of all time

Our top pick of toddler tantrum reasons shared with us by our Facebook fans…. 1. He had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him use his genitalia to work the iPad – Monique C 2.  Once had a 2 hour tantrum because I wouldn’t let her get a real tattoo.. Not a temporary tattoo – Natasha […]

5 Rules of Toddlerhood

Rules of toddlerhood #1… Insist on wearing sandals all winter & welly boots ALL summer! – Yep toddlers can be…. how can we say this, umm, interesting! 😉 Rules of toddlerhood #2… That sandwich that they’ve been oh so very hungry for all morning, well they might’ve liked their sandwich cut in triangles at the […]

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