The Tantrum Production Toddler T-Shirt

Funny Toddler T-Shirt, Drama inspired slogan, A toddler production

The Tantrum Production Toddler T-Shirt

Oh the drama! In this funny toddler t-shirt your little fashionista will save the dramas about the day’s fashion for another day!

  • Premium black cotton to keep your toddler cool & comfy all day.
  • Funny white showtime styled slogan, guaranteed not to fade.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Choose from UK or worldwide delivery options.
  • FREE standard UK delivery.
  • FREE gift wrap on all orders £10+
  • Perfect for toddler boys or girls.
  • Toddler sizes 1-2 years, 2-3 years & 3-4 years.

A great kids gift for a little drama fan or film fanatical parents, give them a giggle!


Lightning Bolt Funky Baby & Toddler Trousers

Funky baby trousers, black lightning bolt toddler trousers with epic flash bolt print

Lightning Bolt Funky Baby & Toddler Trousers

As quick as a flash, slip these extraordinary funky baby trousers on your trendy tot & you’ll have the coolest kid at the park by far in an instant!

  • Lusciously soft black funky baby & toddler trousers.
  • Easy care & soft loop back cotton.
  • Super funky trendy little lightning bolts all over.
  • Elasticated waist to these cute kids trousers makes nappy changes & potty trips quick.
  • The cuffs to ankles keep them out of those muddy puddles.
  • A perfect & subtle addition to any budding David Bowie fan’s clothing collection.
  • Take your pick from UK & international delivery options.
  • FREE gift wrap on absolutely all orders £10+.
  • Sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years.

Cool Baby Trousers & Awesome Toddler Trousers with cute little lightning bolt print


21 of the funniest toddler tantrums of all time

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Baby Toddler Funniest Tantrums -Memes

Our top pick of toddler tantrum reasons shared with us by our Facebook fans….

1. He had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him use his genitalia to work the iPad – Monique C

2.  Once had a 2 hour tantrum because I wouldn’t let her get a real tattoo.. Not a temporary tattoo – Natasha H

3.  Because I wouldn’t make her eyes blue like mine  – Mhairi W

4. Because the grass was looking at her – Donna S

5. Because I told him not to put his willy in the computer vent – Cayley K

6. Screaming because she couldn’t find her shadow! – Chloe M 

7. One of mines once had a tantrum because they wanted a bath…. while they were already IN the bath. – Maria M 

8.  Because her juice dripped onto her finger – Tara B

9. Because the wind blew – Kathryn F 

10. Because no matter how hard he flapped his arms he couldn’t fly home – Leanne S

11. Not being able to get the freckles off of mummy! – Leslie M

12. He couldn’t get inside the washing machine – Terri-Anne W

13. She had a tantrum because she wanted a bath but didn’t want to get wet – Katy N

14.  A tantrum because she wanted to eat the ice lolly but I wasn’t allowed to take the wrapper off of it! – Sam H 

15. Yesterday’s tantrum consisted of public displays of aggression, screaming, throwing himself onto the concrete because I wouldn’t let him hug a lamp post for any longer than 5 minutes! – Katie R

16. Because my neck wasn’t cold enough – Helen S

17. A tantrum because I sneezed in his proximity – Kerry M

18. Crying because his shadow left when he was in the shade 🙊 – Amy M

19. I wouldn’t give him his red toy car…the red toy can he had in his left hand! – Natasha H

 20. Because no matter how hard he tried none of the cats would let him ride them – Cayley K

21. Because he finished his yoghurt – Nioami C

We’d love to hear about any funny toddler tantrums you’ve endured, let us know in the comments section! 

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5 Rules of Toddlerhood

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Rules of toddlerhood #1…

Insist on wearing sandals all winter & welly boots ALL summer!
– Yep toddlers can be…. how can we say this, umm, interesting! 😉

Funny Toddler Quote - Funny Parenting Quote

Rules of toddlerhood #2…

That sandwich that they’ve been oh so very hungry for all morning, well they might’ve liked their sandwich cut in triangles at the weekend, but that was then, how very dare you cut them in triangles today! cut the sandwich in squares? well that is wrong too!

Funny Parenting Quote, Toddlerhood


Rules of toddlerhood #3…

Need a wee, think you might get 30 seconds peace? think again… that cute toddler face will appear at the door any second!

Funny Toddler Quotes

Rules of toddlerhood #4…

How things change no doubt in another 12 years they’ll be refusing to get out of bed & we bet you now a adult would jump at the chance of a nap now, wouldn’t you?


Rules of toddlerhood #5…

As a toddler once you’re steady on your feet, we understand this is a great past-time, usually done naked & at super fast speeds particularly if you hear mum or dad say you’re going to be late, what’s that, a t-shirt? GO, RUN!



Cool AB/CD Rock Baby & Toddler Hoodie

Rock Baby Toddler Hoodie with funny AB/CD Slogan

Cool AB/CD Rock Baby & Toddler Hoodie

This baby & toddler hoodie is for the cool kids that have earned their rock star status after many nights of rockin’ all night, but when they crawl into nursery donning this, everyone will see they know a thing or two about pulling off pure cool too.

  • Soft lightweight 180-190gsm black cotton hooded baby & toddler top.
  • Cool & vibrant red AB/CD rock band inspired print to chest.
  • Makes a perfect baby gift for the baby rockstar!
  • Made in the UK.
  • FREE gift wrap on every order of £10 or more as standard.
  • UK & worldwide delivery options.
  • Baby, toddler & kids sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years & 4-5 years.

DJ Headphone Funky Girls Dress

Peach DJ Funky Girls Dress

DJ Headphone Funky Girls Dress

In this funky girls dress will add a little music inspired into your baby girls cool clothes collection in 2 beats!

  • Our much loved DJ girls dress in a NEW colour for 2017
  • Awesome funky DJ headphone print around neckline.
  • 2 little pockets to front to keep notes of all the newest hits.
  • Soft easy fit cotton keeps her comfortable & happy.
  • You’ll find it easy & quick to dress her, Pop it over her head & baby or toddler is ready bop to the funky beat!
  • The A line design means it just keeps going & can be worn as a tunic when she grows.
  • Professional print stays looking new for longer.
  • Grab one today and enjoy FREE gift wrap on orders that exceed £10!
  • Baby & toddler sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years & 2-3 years.

Matching DJ hoodie & DJ baby grow also available


Peach Angel Wings Adorable Baby Dress

Adorable Baby Dress Peach Angel Wings Costume

Peach Angel Wings Adorable Baby Dress

This adorable baby dress with heavenly angel wings print will instantly add a little angelic fun to your little girls clothes collection.

  • Our much loved angel wings baby dress in a NEW colour for 2017!
  • Adorable angel wing print to back that stays looking good wash after wash.
  • 2 cute little pockets to the simple front.
  • Layer up with a long sleeved top & tights underneath on winter days.
  • The easy fit design means it can be worn as a tunic when she out grows the length.
  • UK P&P & international delivery options available.
  • FREE gift wrap on every single order of £10+
  • Baby & toddler sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years.


I Like Big Naps And I Cannot Lie Funny Kids T-Shirt

Funny Kids T-shirt - I Like Big Naps And I Cannot Lie, Monochrome Kids Top

I Like Big Naps And I Cannot Lie Funny Kids T-Shirt

Apparently you awesome lot LOVE big naps as much as us, you asked for bigger sizes & so we obliged, this monochrome funny kids t-shirt emblazoned with your favourite  twist on those early hip hop lyrics will effortlessly keep your kid cool & comfy.

  • Luxuriously soft white cotton.
  • Short sleeved kids t-shirt for baby boys or girls.
  • Trendy monochrome colours.
  • Made in the UK ensuing the BEST quality!
  • Print reads I LIKE BIG NAPS AND I CANNOT LIE – a registered trademark.
  • The funny Sir Mix-alot inpsired slogan guarantees to raise a smile, Making this funny kids t-shirt the perfect gift for the cool kid, mum & dad!
  • UK & international delivery also available.
  • Grab one today & we’ll gift wrap for FREE if your order exceeds £10
  • Toddler & kids sizes 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years for boys & girls.Slogan also available in baby grows here


Cool Milk, Naps, Rock & Roll Kids T-Shirt

Rock & Roll Kids T-shirt, Black Short Sleeved Kids Top, UK made

Cool Milk, Naps, Rock & Roll Kids T-Shirt

In our rock & roll kids t-shirt our kid will be ready to take that rockin’ air guitar solo in immense style.

  • Soft black cotton rock & roll kids t-shirt
  • Easy to wash & soft to wear.
  • Short sleeves make it a rad wear for summer or for layering up in winter.
  • Vibrant white print to chest of kid’s t-shirt
  • Slogan reads Milk, Naps, Rock & Roll.
  • Fade proof rockin’ print remains looking bright wash after wash.
  • Made in UK ensuring incredible quality.
  • FREE UK P&P.
  • FREE gift wrap as standard!
  • Worldwide delivery available.
  • Baby, toddler & kids sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years.

Also available in a rock & roll baby bib baby grow or sleepsuit.


Straight Outta Mum’s Tum Hip Hop Baby Bib

Hip Hop Baby Bib, Straight Outta Compton Style Funny Print

Straight Outta Mum’s Tum Hip Hop Baby Bib

This hip hop baby bib inspired inspired by the great NWA’s straight outta logo will let baby snack on in style whether they’ve gained appetite for destruction yet or not.

  • Straight Outta Mum’s Tum hip hop bib.
  • Slogan printed in a vibrant white contrasting against the black.
  • Fade proof print stays bright wash after wash.
  • Absorb spills & keep those dope baby threads looking food free with a soft thick double layer cotton.
  • Velcro fastening makes it stress free to get on baby, but not too easy for them to remove.
  • Fits up to 3 years seeing your baby into the toddler years.
  • FREE standard UK delivery or international delivery options.